Got questions? We have some answers.

We’ve provided answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Employees that take two or more daily medications are eligible for inclusion in the HaloScrips plan.

Most medications for chronic conditions – medications you take regularly – are covered. Examples of medications not covered include controlled substances such as pain pills, and medications for urgent illness, such as antibiotics.

Only those dependents enrolled in the HaloScrips program will receive their medications from HaloScrips. All others will continue to use your regular pharmacy plan.

Even if you are part of the HaloScrips program for your chronic (regularly-taken) medications, you will continue to use your regular pharmacy program for occasional medications.

The entire process takes less than 30 minutes.

We will ask you about your contact information, health provider contact information, and prescription information (name and dosage of each medication). You will want to have this information on hand for the onboarding call.

The onboarding call usually takes less than 30 minutes. After the onboarding call, you will receive an initial shipment of your medications. There will probably be different amounts of each medication – this is done to synchronize your prescriptions so that they all fill on the same day. Following this initial shipment, you will receive quarterly shipments of medications.

To make changes to your medications, simply call 800-901-4195 and follow the prompts.

Pharmaceutical waste is growing at an alarming rate and is an increasing cause of risk and concern. HaloScrips is committed to being part of the solution by supporting medication reclamation through its Safe RxReturn program. Members can return unused or expired medications to HaloScrips for proper disposal with no shipping fees. In select markets, members can contact ScripRide for medication pickup.


While you will no longer be able to get your medications from HaloScrips, you may be able to obtain them through our sister company, Good Shepherd Pharmacy