What is HaloScrips?

HaloScrips is a concierge pharmacy service  provided by employers which  ‘Halos’ the employees prescription insurance and ensures employees are getting the right medicine at the right time.

HaloScrips is striving to drive a decrease in the cost of care while improving patient compliance, outcomes and overall workplace health. After serving and providing a working solution in the non-profit sector, we see an enormous opportunity to help any employer who is seeking to significantly lower its pharmacy benefits spend.

Why we exist

The problem

In the traditional AWP model, profit is generated with each prescription. This incentivizes filling even more prescriptions at even higher drug prices. The outcomes are escalating prices, decreased medication access, and increased prescription waste.

Our solution

HaloScrips offers a value based community pharmacy model built on price transparency. This incentivizes filling prescriptions as efficiently as possible and eliminating barriers to access. The outcomes are improved medication adherence, and decreased pharmacy spend at operational costs that are a fraction of the status quo.

We are a real pharmacy that cuts out the middlemen and provides prescription medications to companies at true acquisition cost which means everyone benefits.

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Our history

Founded in 2015, Good Shepherd Pharmacy has served over 4000 vulnerable patients with over $20 million worth of donated prescription medication. In October 2017 the team synchronized all prescriptions for 700+ patients to four set ship dates per year, synchronization which has been maintained for 11 refill cycles over 2 and a half years. HaloScrips was formed in 2020 as a means to provide this Group Synchronization to employers across the nation.

Our team

Phil Baker, PharmD

Head Pharmacist

Phil Baker is Co-Founder and President of HaloScrips. A passionate entrepreneur, he has leveraged his experience in the pharma industry to create a number of growing enterprises. His concept of a concierge pharmacy model was first realized when Good Shepherd Pharmacy was founded in 2015. Phil earned his Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Tennessee.

Sachie Stover, CPhT

Customer Success

Sachie Stover, Chief Customer Officer, is responsible for patient on-boarding, process development, and conducting internal research to benefit HaloScrips and its patients. Sachie is incredibly hardworking and has a heart for serving others. She finds a great deal of fulfillment in connecting with patients by devoting her time to conversation, soul care, and helping connect them with the medications they need, but otherwise couldn’t afford or have access to.